re-viv-al (noun)
a : an act or instance of reviving : the state of being revived.
b : renewed attention to or interest in something.
c : a new presentation or publication of something old.
It's Not Just Who We Are - It's What We Do.
The world craves new music. The world also craves Jesus. What better way to meet these needs than by creating music centered around Jesus? That's where you come in.

You've captured the sound of heaven & the message of God's heart but there's a problem - a BIG problem. How do you deliver your music to the hungry and anxious ears of the world? That's where we come in.
mu-sic (noun)
a : the science or art of ordering tones or sounds in succession, in combination, and in temporal relationships to produce a composition having unity and continuity
b : an agreeable sound : euphony - her voice was music to my ears
Your Music, Your Story, Needs To Be Heard.
Here at RMC, we a one-stop-shop for all your music needs, servicing both Christian Music Industry Professionals & Independent Artists. 
We have many specialties including radio promotion, digital distribution, booking management, press kit content & development, CD printing & pressing, music videos, licensing, copyrighting, publishing, & more!

We immediately go to work realizing the dream to get your music and your story to the world. We deliver personalized service with a promotion strategy custom tailored to get the most out of your project.
com-pa-ny (noun)
a : association with another : fellowship - enjoy a person's company
b : companions, associates - know a person by the company she keeps
Don't Make The World Wait Any Longer.
Contact us now to discuss how Revival Music Company can get your long-awaited dream going. There's no greater time than right now.
"If you are an artist that is looking for a promotion company that will get it done, I confidently give you Revival Music Company!"
- Terrance McCoy, RMC Artist
Teddy Cross & Lenny Williams Partner with RMC to Release Their Latest Single
Introducing, “Rescued”! The latest single from Grammy-nominated and multiple Stellar Award-winning artist, Teddy Cross, formerly of The Gospel Keynotes. This song features the legendary voice of R&B sensation, Lenny Williams ("Cause I Love You"; "Choosing You").

Co-written by award-winning musician, songwriter, and super-producer Derek “D.O.A.” Allen (Janet Jackson, Whitney Houston, Kem, Bobby Brown, Poetic Justice Movie Soundtrack, Raphael Saadiq Smokie Norful, etc.), “Rescued” is an out-of-the-box hit sonically birthed from the passion and affection of 1970’s R&B nostalgia.

Teddy Cross has chosen to partner with Revival Music Company in order to take this star-studded project to both Gospel and Inspirational formats in Christian Radio.

"We at RMC are very excited to work with Mr. Cross and are anticipating wide-open reception and much success as this single makes its radio debut." - Jesse Wood, Vice President of Operations, Revival Music Company.

"Rescued" released to radio on Monday, August 26th and is available on all major digital outlets.
Listen Now
Behind The Song & Artist
"Rescued is a testimonial for me and a lot of people who were bound by things that were damaging to the soul and were rescued. I thank God for 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and chance after chance to get it right. God has rescued me from so many things in life, and has shown me how to get my life together. We've come a long way and still improving." - Teddy Cross

Theodore Cross, better known to the music world as Teddy, is a minister, singer/songwriter, producer and actor. Born in the small, southern town of Franklin Va., he is the youngest son of the Late Bishop Willie Paul and Mother Mary Elizabeth Cross. Accepting Christ at an early age and being born into a familial legacy of preachers, Teddy began preaching while in his teens. In 1980, he was introduced to the music industry as a musician and background singer for Willie Neal Johnson & the Gospel Keynotes of Tyler TX, a Malaco recording artist. During his tenure with the Gospel Keynotes, Teddy was promoted to one of the group’s lead singers, as his lead vocals became highly requested. He led some of the group’s most renowned songs such as “With God I’m Satisfied”, “One More Time”, and “Don’t Wait For The Hearse”... 
CCM Magazine Announces RMC's Launch of Gospel Division
Nashville, TN (September 19, 2019)
Revival Music Company has announced the launch of its new Gospel music division, RMC Gospel. Currently, RMC produces and releases music for a number of contemporary Christian music artists including Terrance McCoy, Melinda Isley and Sam Butler. The label includes its own flagship group, Revival Worship Movement.

With the launch of RMC Gospel, listeners are invited to hear the first artist to be signed to the label, Teresa Jae.

Additional artists to be added to the new RMC Gospel division are Teddy Cross and R&B legend Lenny Williams.
"We are so happy to be doing business with RMC. The quality of the music and the professional presentation they provide is exactly what we need!"
- Michael Van Lowe, President, Christ The King Radio
"Sweeter" Has Found Its Way Onto Billboard
“Sweeter,” is on fire! The debut single by Melinda Isley, which was released on June 3rd, has officially found itself on Billboard's Gospel Indicator Most Added at #6!

Written by Terrance Howell & Jesse Wood of Revival Music Company, “Sweeter” also features the dynamic vocal talent of True Firestarter!

Heather Shelley (formerly of the Eric & Heather Air1 Morning Show) commented, “[Sweeter] is INTOXICATING!!! I love it!! Such a great song - and [Melinda’s] voice is incredible!!

Co-produced & engineered by RMC’s very own Stuart McCloud, the sound & style is certain to draw you in making you want to press play over & over again!

Revival Worship Movement
Sam Butler
Melinda Isley
Teddy Cross
Teresa Jae
Divine Nature
Daughters Of Christ
Jesse Wood
Terrance Howell
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Terrance and Jesse with Super-Producer Jeff Quimby.
Terrance & Jesse with John Chisum of Nashville Christian Songwriters.
Terrance & Jesse with Long-Time Promoter Chris Hauser.
Terrance with Gordon Robertson, CEO of The Christian Broadcasting Network.
Terrance with Dr. M.G. "Pat" Robertson, Founder & Chairman of The Christian Broadcasting Network.
Terrance & Jesse at Universal Music Group, Nashville.
Revival Worship Movement Performing at Sonrise Fest 2019.
Joseph Stallings with Revival Worship Movement.
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CBN News
WATCH: A police officer walked off the job pursue his passion -- a career in music. But the real twist to this story is the officer's somewhat prophetic encounter with a stranger, who told him everything he already knew.
Studio 5
From police officer to musician - hear the miracle story of Terrance Howell!!
Tidewater Community College
TCC alumnus Terrance Howell has come full circle. He grew up traveling the country with his musical family, The Scotts. Now he is running his own record label, Revival Music Company LLC.
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